IBM Watson Talks at WVU!

The IBM Watson Talks at WVU aim to create a strong community at West Virginia University around IBM Watson technology. The talks involve tech experts and researchers in the field who are transforming the world with IBM Watson. Our IBM Watson talks are usually composed of: (1) Speakers; (2) Micro-Hackathon; and (3) Networking. Please contact: Saiph Savage, por more information.

IBM Watson Speakers. 🎀

Our IBM Watson talks always have one or more invited speakers who are creating novel technology with IBM Watson. The talks aim to expose and inspire audiences to the novel things you can do with IBM Watson.

IBM Watson Micro-Hackathon.πŸ”¨ πŸ’»

Our IBM Watson Talks have the tradition of holding a micro-hackathon where we come together as a community and build together novel applications with IBM Watson. These micro-hackathons bring together people from diverse areas (healthcare, computer science, public policy) with the purpose of producing novel tech that can more broadly impact society. Our micro-hackathons also facilitate sharing knowledge and collectively becoming powerful technology innovators. Knowledge sharing includes information about how to use IBM Watson to build novel technology; as well as knowledge on the research areas that might benefit from IBM Watson. Our aim is also to use the mini hackathons as a way to establish interesting long term and impactful projects with IBM Watson.

IBM Watson Networking. πŸ™Œ

Our IBM Watson Talks always have a networking component to help people connect and build meaninful relationships that lead to novel proyects and ventures that use IBM Watson.